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Ze Royal Viking
Ze's old Youtube logo
Name Steven
Age 20
Birthdate April 12 1993
Subscribers 377,000+
Aliases ZeRoyalViking, ZeMachinima

Steven "Ze" is a Creature, being one of the first. He is known for his knowledge of computers and creeper-esque viking helmet logo. Ze reports that the old viking helmet was a helmet from Halo 2 because he wanted to use something he owned.


Real life

Ze lived in Granite Bay, California (near Sacramento) with his parents and attended Bella Vista High School. He graduated high school and is in has taken computer science classes in Sacramento State College.

Ze has lived in California all his life but has a tri-citizenship for Canada, the UK and the US. Even though Ze is known for being Canadian, he has never lived there nor does he have Canadian blood and says he is more Scottish in that respect. He is Canadian by birth because his mother moved there from Scotland.

When the Creature House was announced, Ze had high hopes to move in after he finishes the first semester of his college. However after the semester, Ze lost the desire to go the House. He said there might be a possibility in the future if he gets the desire back and/or finishes college. He eventually moved to Phoenix to attend Arizona State University after getting in a relationship with a girl.

During late-2013, Ze went on a hiatus, he then posted a video explaining that his girlfriend left him and he realized that the only reason he moved to Arizona was for her. That and the fact that he was the only Creature not located next to The Creatures, left him in a depression and affected his grades and YouTube career. He then said he was going back to California for college.  However, it seems like he recovered/is recovering in early 2014, and is now slowly posting Youtube videos again. As of recently he hasn't shown much activity with the Creatures, but has appeared in multiple series with his old Friend Chilled, and his recently found friends Smarty and GaLm, all members of The Derp Crew. Since his constant appearances in multiplayer videos labeled "...with The Derp Crew", he is considered a member of the group. At Pax East 2014, he attended the creatures panel, but was not on it. He also stayed in a hotel room with other members of the Derp Crew including Chilled, GaLm, and Smarty.


Steven came up with the name Ze Royal Viking randomly about 5 years ago when he was thinking for a name for a forum, when he randomly thought of Ze Royal Viking and stuck with it.

Steven was first inspired to make machinima by the Red vs. Blue series and DigitalPh33r who, in Ze's own words, showed him that "just a normal guy alone could make great videos". Before joining Machinima, Ze had a YouTube channel in the name "madmonkey1" which was created in 2006. Then he started up his ZeRoyalViking channel in March 2008 and the ZeMachinima channel in May. He created machinima solo, using various effects like 3D to make videos and achieved around 1000 subscribers on YouTube with the Shishka series. When he got 1000 subs in February 2009, Ze got a contract with Machinima around the same time that Kootra did, and Ze helped him film Contrast Police and they became friends. The first Creature he met was Sp00n, they were on the DigitalPh33r forums around the year 2008 and they randomly met on a GTA IV game and talked for a while and became friends. He began commentating games as well as making machinima and doing commentaries with other people, such as Chilled Chaos and Kootra. In February 2011, Ze got his YouTube channel partnered.

It took Ze over 3 years to get where he is now. He stated that he never expected himself to be where he is now, and he says the thing that brought him to it is Shishka.

Currently Ongoing Games

These are a list of games Ze is uploading videos on at the moment.

KespeAdded by Kespe
  • SimCity: Nam w/ GaLM (possibly on hiatus as Ze stated in episodes viewable on GaLM's channel that some of the video files were corrupted)
  • Google Maps StreetView GeoGuessr w/ GaLM
  • Minecraft w/ Oculus Rift: The Dropper
  • Monopoly Streets w/ GaLM, ChilledChaos and Smarty


Some of Ze's more popular machinima.

  • Shishka
  • The Greatest Knife Throw Ever
  • One Pissed Off Guy
  • Alpha Zombie
  • Alien Dope
  • Enemy AC130 Above!


  • "Science!"
  • "BREAK THE KOOTRA!" (Used in Rock of Ages, chanting on his defenses to destroy Kootra's rock)
  • "Oh...Come On!"
  • "Shut up."
  • "Are you kitten me?" (Mocking Kootra)
  • "That's Creature Talk."
  • "Hi _____."
  • "Nope."
  • "Stuff."
  • "Sup."
  • "Because.... You're dumb."
  • "Screw you, Chilled." / "Fuck you, Chilled."
  • "Goodbye, Chilled Chaos." (This is usually said in a dramatic tone, often when Ze leaves Chilled un-aided in a situation.)
  • "Oh Thor! OH GOD!" (Adventures in Asgard)
  • "This is the greatest game ever!" (Game Dev Tycoon)
  • "It was smooth."
  • "Moist"
  • "Do you want to have some buttsex?" (To the tune of the song "Do you want to build a snowman" from the movie Frozen, Said in Monopoly Streets)


Creature Short Appearances

Year Title Role Notes
2013 Ze's Short Himself


Main article: Ze Royal Viking/Trivia

  • Ze is the youngest of the Creatures.
  • Ze, Sly, and Sp00n are the only three Creatures who are never really referenced by their real first names. (Steven, Eddie, and Nick)
  • Ze has Haemophilia A, meaning his blood clots at a slower rate than normal. Ze himself says it's not serious and doesn't really bother him.



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