This is a list of YouTubers that have appeared on at least one of the current Creatures channels and/or Hub. This dose not inclued Polaris tournaments. Note: This list is incomplete. Please add the YouTubers in an A-Z order.


"Minecraft: Room After Room" (ZeRoyalViking)

"Payday: The Heist" (DanzNewz)

"Minecraft - The Templar Story" (SSoHPKC)

"Team Fortress 2" (Sp00nerism)

"The Hangover: Creature Edition" (TheCreatureHub)

"Minecraft 1.8 Update Pre-Release " (UberHaxorNova)


"Mario Kart 8" (Sp00nerism)

"SANIC BALL" (UberHaxorNova)


"c" (SSoHPKC)

"Knack Local Co op" (Sp00nerism)

"Halo 4: The IWHBYD Chronicles - Halo 4 Co-op Gameplay / Walkthrough" (SSoHPKC)

"Brothers 'Till the End - Gears of War 3 Reboot" (SSoHPKC)


"Nonsensical Worms" (UberHaxorNova )

"Chivalry Tournament Qualifiers" (UberHaxorNova)

"GTA Online Sp00n and Cry adventures" (Sp00nerism)

"The Last of Us Multiplayer" (Sp00nerism) 

"Mario Kart 8" (Sp00nerism)


"CSS: Gun Game" (Kootra)

"Battlefield Bad Company 2" (Kootra)

"Diablo II" (DanzNewz)


"PayDay The Heist" (UberHaxorNova)

"ARMA 2 - DayZ" (SSoHPKC)

"Saints Row the Third" (SSoHPKC)

"N+" (ZeRoyalViking)

"Minecraft: E.R.T.S" (ZeRoyalViking)

"EA SPORTS UFC" (Sp00nerism)


The Creatures vs The Derp Crew in Sunset Overdrive (ZeRoyalViking)

The Creatures and The Derp Crew Explore New York! (ZeRoyalViking)


YouTuber Creature(s) recoreded with Videos
GoldGlove Sp00nZe SUPA NBA JAM
Prop Hunt
NHL 14
GuitarMaster KootraNova, Ze Left 4 Dead 2- Cold Stream
Red Dead Redemption
Minecraft: Excellent Adventure
Hellberg DanzKootraNova

Payday 2 (Kootra)
Payday 2 (Danz)
Payday 2 (Nova)

HuskyMUDKIPZ Immortal, Nova Sp00nSSoH, Ze Dungeon Defenders
Left 4 Dead 2
Minecraft the Movie 9
Dead Island
Minecraft: Ghostcraft
IHasCupquake NovaSSoH Minecraft: Temple of The Gods 3
Minecraft - Team Machinima Vs. Team Minecraft Workbench
Jakeybabs Immortal, Ze Mission-Craft
KPopp SSoH F.3.A.R
Killing Floor
LazyCanuckk SSoH Terraria
Orcs Must Die!
Resident Evil 5
Lemur KootraSp00n Payday 2
BFBC2 Vietnam
LolRenaynay Ze Prop Hunt
Minecraft: The Last Resort
Luclin Kootra, Nova, SSoHZe

Minecraft- Survival Ocean (Kootra)Minecraft 1.8 Update Pre-Release Minecraft - Dark Realm Custom Map Star Wars The Old Republic Minecraft - RageCraft Minecraft: Survival Ocean (Ze)

Markiplier Nova SANIC BALL
Chivalry Tournament Qualifiers
MichaelBahhh Immortal
PewDiePie NovaSp00n Nonsensical Worms
Prop Hunt

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