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Bruce "Xcalizorz" Lai is a YouTube gaming commentator. He is a friend of the Creatures, but mostly Sp00n, although he has played a few games with Nova. He has also mentioned Seamus in one of the first episodes of Cheeky Dosh Tales saying "are we playing with SSoHPKC" and "he's a level 6 NERRRD".


Xcal was a former competitive Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam player, and was a member of the formidable team 20ID for the latter. Xcal would eventually become one of the two first commentators on YouTube (along with Blametruth) and led the non-comm era of CoD4. He continued to make CoD content and eventually got into commentating. At the time he was playing CoD4/WaW, he started doing playthroughs of other games such as God of War III. He regularly plays with fellow commentators: DinoRidingJesus (Waldo Dude), DannyBoy, and BlameTruth.

Games with CreaturesEdit

Sp00n appeared in the following Xcal video's:

  • CoDBO - Golden Brokimbo Stories with Sp00n
  • CoDBO - Tiger ACOG Uzi Stories with Sp00n
  • CoDBO - Golden Brolympia Stories with Sp00n
  • CoDBO - S.M.A.P.C.F. (Super Mega Awesome Party Crew Funtime) with Sp00n, Nova, and others
  • CoDBO - Split Screen Stories with Sp00n
  • CoDBO - Golden Draganov Stories with Sp00n
  • CoDMW3 - Live Commentary Session with Sp00n
  • Cheeky Dosh Tales (Killing Floor) with Sp00n, Nova and DeeJayBee
  • Smite with Sp00n

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