Hey guys I have made some good inventions like the Vending machine where you add ten arrows into this dispenser then out the other side comes out a diamond! And I have built a Pet shop where you insert one gold ingot in this ice slide then opens a glass window where you where you click one button out of six and gives you one animal then the prosess repeats if you do it again, good if you have a shop on a server you will be rich. There is another invention that is so simple that you can build it from the top of your head. It is a TNT cannon that is simple but really effective. Last but not least is the steve cannon I like to call it all you do is add TNT then click the button and boom you go about 30 blocks high up in the air but I would not like to do this in survival 99.9% chance you will die if you have no armour on. I will be adding videos of them so stay tuned. Peace out

P.s. The youtube channle that is is also going to be on is superapplematt (my friends channle)

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