Warby 19

aka Bill

  • I live in Vic
  • I was born on June 19
  • My occupation is Shooter and lover of minecraft
  • I am Male
  • Warby 19

    Hey guys Msdou2 and I are planning a great server with our great experties, Please be sure to post ideas. The server will include about 95% of ideas you will give us including statues of great people who helped or had great ideas we could of included or great ideas that we did not include. There will be some rules including no griefing or SOME mods will be not allowed. And Msdou2 and I will have the rights of opping people.

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  • Warby 19

    My crew of homies

    November 15, 2012 by Warby 19

    Hey guys I now have a official homie crew started, so if you want to be apart of it message me at and be sure to add me as a friend or visit Msdou2 at or visit Msdou2 on skype (msdou2 is his user name on skype) you will get totorials for awesome inventions that I Warby 19 have sent my self.

    P.s. A great website for dowloading youtube videos is thats where Msdou2 and I get all our great totorials of minecraft inventions from.

    Or visit for all of the great mods.

    Be sure to visit me on hotmail or for other mods or great maps.


    It is probably best if you have the 1.4.2 version of minecraft.

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  • Warby 19

    Hey guys I have made some good inventions like the Vending machine where you add ten arrows into this dispenser then out the other side comes out a diamond! And I have built a Pet shop where you insert one gold ingot in this ice slide then opens a glass window where you where you click one button out of six and gives you one animal then the prosess repeats if you do it again, good if you have a shop on a server you will be rich. There is another invention that is so simple that you can build it from the top of your head. It is a TNT cannon that is simple but really effective. Last but not least is the steve cannon I like to call it all you do is add TNT then click the button and boom you go about 30 blocks high up in the air but I would no…

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