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  • I was born on February 16
  • RushingRoulette

    I wouldn't bother putting much effort into this project.

    It's a thankless task that consumes your time and leaves you wondering why you bothered.

    But don't let that deter you, if you believe that you can make a difference where I couldn't:

    Good luck!

    - Rush

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  • RushingRoulette

    Alright, your evil dictator is back from a few days of Skyrim related absence and I now realise it was probably harsh to leave wiki activities in the hands of Vextipher and DarthDaver. Therefore I would like to explicitely state some stuff.

    Though "officially" there is no leader, boss or king of the wiki but I find myself in the position of de facto captain of this shit ship so other users are encouraged to direct their questions, criticisms and fury at my good self. There is not much point approaching the rest of the admin team because chances are, they won't respond to or even see your message. Aside from the resident ban-hammer but he is not allowed to interact with people or touch the articles.

    I should also state that no-one has checked t…

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