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Bowdrie Brothers

Chip(left) and Marshall(right)

The Bowdrie Brothers are a duo of brothers portrayed by Nova and Immortal and are the main focus of SUPERCAST! and first appeared in Head 2 Head: Street Ball as referees.



Chip is overweight, has long blonde hair, and a long mustache. He is the talker of the duo, though he stutters frequently. He doesn't drink and seems very timid around Papa Bowdrie.


Marshall has shoulder-length blonde/red hair and a short mustache. He is a heavy smoker and drinker. He accepts cigarettes as payment and got him and Chip fired from their most recent job because he was drunk.

Papa BowdrieEdit

Pappa Bowdrie

Sp00n as Papa Bowdrie

Papa Bowdrie is a raging alcoholic, portrayed by Sp00n. He is known for defecating outside and yelling at Chip and Marshall. At the end of episode 1 of SUPERCAST!, he gives Chip and Marshall a pair of headsets and sends them on their quest to become supercasters.


  • There is a Mama Bowdrie, she has been referenced by Papa Bowdrie, but has never been seen.
  • Marshall bares strong resemblance to "Twitch Sponsored Soldier" who most notably appeared in "The Creatures Go See Pacific Rim"
  • They fantasize about taking over the NBA.
  • Chip has become known for his constant repetition on the quote "As featured in the 2001 hit (movie title)". Though most of the movies he says aren't even from 2001.

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It's like the 2001 hit "Green Mile"

— Chip Bowdrie

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