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Name Kevin McFarlane
Age 18
Birthdate February 22nd, 1996
Subscribers 200,000+
Creature Connections Aleks, Sp00n, James, and Ze

Kevin "GoldenBlackHawk/TomAnex" McFarlane is a friend of the Creatures and has appeared in a few of their series. Kevin is well known for his major role in Sly's Minecraft Daily series and various co-op games with Nova and Immortal.  He was born on Febuary 22 and is currently 18. Kevin also has a Twitch account and occasionally streams art and League of Legends.


Kevin had been a long time fan of the Creatures, particularly Sp00n and Kootra , before he even began posting videos on his channel. he even played on the creature server being spotted in the chat log on Ze's creature server Minecraft series several times. He became a Machinima Realm director in 2011. By the end of the year, his channel only had a few thousand subscribers, although many of them had discovered him through ImmortalHD's Missioncraft series.

Kevin bby

Kevin at Pax East 2013.

Coincidentally, the first Creature he would play with was Sp00n in a Ghost Recon: Future Soldier co-op series which also included Immortal (July 2012). The two had met on the old Creature Teamspeak many months earlier and developed a strong friendship. Kevin would also make an appearance in Sp00n's Borderlands 2 series with SketchMasta. He officially met all of the Creatures in real life at PAX Prime 2012 in Seattle, Washington.

His newfound companionship with Slyfox would eventually lead to his inclusion in Minecraft Daily as a guest, and ultimately a main cast member. However the series went on a hiatus following episode 339 in November 2013. The series returned six months later in May 2014, however Kevin was not present for the session. It is still possible that he may appear in future sessions.

Throughout the time he was in Minecraft Daily, he began to play a lot more frequently with other Creatures such as Nova and Ze. He began to play a lot of co-op games with Nova and ImmortalHD, particularily Garry's Mod and Minecraft. This trio has been inseperable ever since.

In November 2013, Kevin joined the fifth season of Minecraft Marriage, replacing ImmortalHD. He is joined by Sly, Rachel and AshleyMariee in this series. 


TomAnex (Between Nova and Sly) at Pax Prime 2012.

Current Games

  • Minecraft Daily (w/ Sly and others)
  • Outlast
  • GTA: Online (w/ Nova & Immortal)
  • Garry's Mod: Trouble in Terrorist Town (w/ Nova and Immortal)
  • Minecraft Marriage (w/ Sly, Rachel, & AshleyMariee)
  • Garry's Mod "Prop Hunt" (w/ Immortal & Nova)
  • Damned (w/ Immortal & Nova)


  • The origin and interpretation behind the name 'TomAnex' is a secret.
  • A Teaser video for Pax Prime 2014 was shown by the Creatures at their 2014 RTX Panel, showing a static filled screen with Kevin. It can be seen here:
  • He is a self-confessed League of Legends addict and streams frequently on his TwitchTV channel.
  • Listed Immortal, Nova, Sp00n, Sly and Michael (Brien29) as his closest friends.
  • Knows two languages: German and English.
  • Can perform a range of voice impersonations; his most popular being Draven, the Glorious Executioner from League of Legends. Kevin can also impersonate Ghost, from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
  • He has a girl as his profile picture because of his impersonation of a high pitch girl voice.
  • On Twitter, and occasionally YouTube, SCMowns and him were sharing lovey-dovey tweets but then "broke up" via tweet. A lot of people found it appealing and is appearing on Tumblr a lot.
  •  He puts pictures of whatever animal he feels like at the time on Tumblr.
  • He currently lives in Seattle, however he plans on moving to Colorado in the future when YouTube picks up for him.
  • He is half-Asian
  • He has never broken a bone.
  • Despite being in "Pokemon Daily", Kevin has never played nor seen the original Pokemon series.
  • He says that if he has children, he'll name his first son "Aleksandr" after the man who made him who he is today and helped acheive his dreams.
  • He says that ImmortalHD is the man who changed his life and is the one who has been there for him. He also says that he's a big part of his life.
  • He is an apathiest.
  • He hates Nutella.
  • He hates Miltanks due to one killing all his Pokemon in Minecraft Daily.
  • After having Kevin in a lot of PAX Prime 2013 pictures, people have started jokingly saying he should be a Creature next. 
  • He kept his shirt store private as a social experiment.
  • Most of his family is already deceased .
  • From his account, his weird habits are cracking his knuckles, back, neck, toes, ankles, hips, jaw, and sternocostal joints. He hates when anything touches his face. He burns his hands in boiling water before commiting to an actually drawing/painting. He talks to himself (for the voices). He loves climbing, falling, jumping and heights in general. He is compelled to eat any food that is blue and he is fascinated by the thought of being hunted.
  • Kevin previously disliked Eddie (SlyFoxHound) before they met.
  • Many people currently believe he should be the next Creature, which most of the Creatures joke about.
    • This has become even more believed since the Creature's showed a teaser image for Pax 2014 of Kevin at their RTX 2014 panal.
  • Many believed that his face didn't go with his voice, and that he was considered sexy looking.
  • Announced on his stream that he is 18 and not 21.
  • Gold rank in League of Legends


  • "How mad are you kid?"
  • "AC-130!!"
  • "DRAVEN!!"
  • "Greetings comrade" (in Russian accent)
  • "RDM!" (TTT)
  • "Yesssssss" (Often said Randomly)
  • "Shaaameee."
  • "Mmmmmmmm Yessssss"
  • "Did somebody say they needed gas grenades?!"
  • "Get Wrecked" (usually used in Gmod or Minecraft)
  • "Hello Friends would you like to play a game"? (Said in Squeaky voice)
  • "WINGARDIUM LEVIOSAAAA" ( from the YouTube short by OneyNG )
  • "Get ready for the next round!"
  • "I don't even know what this is but I'm outraged!"
  • "How do you like dem beans?"
  • "Duel me mate."
  • "Don't worry about it." (Used in Mission-Craft)
  • "We're goin' deep, and we're goin' hard."
  • "Fight me at PAX."
  • "I feel like I just got baited AND outsmarted."
  • UNNNNNNNGHHHHHH (Minecraft Daily)
  • "I can armour my slaves" (Minecraft Daily)
  • "Hmmm hhhow innnteresting"
  • "Cover me I'm reloading" (In Ghost Accent)
  • "Baby please"
  • "You wanna f*ckin' bet mate?"
  • "I'm Willy Wonka's first hand man" (GTA Online)



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