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The Little Guys
Some attributes
First First Aired:

March 29th, 2014

Second Last Aired:

May 17, 2014

Third Participants:

Danz Newz

Other attributes
The Little Guys was a Mini-Machinima series produced by the Creatures.


  • Fred - A Minion in Blue Armor. Played by Aleks
  • Larry - A Minion in Purple Armor with a rebellious personality. Played by Seamus
  • Dave - A Minion in Green Armor who tries to stay out of trouble. Played by Dan
  • Steve - A Minion in Dark Red Armor. Played by Sly
  • Mike - A Minion in Orange Armor who hits on the female Gods. Played by Kootra
  • Head Minion - A Large Minion in Light Blue Armor who wishes for the other minions to do what their suppose to do. Played by James


The series follows the activities of the minions who aid the Gods during their battles.


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