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Creature panel

For other related information see: Conventions and Expos

The Creatures Panels are panels held at conventions. They typically consist of teasers, exclusive video screenings, premiers, announcements, and live Q&A segments. The Creatures held their first panel at RTX 2013.


RTX 2013
RTX 2013
The panelists (L to R) Sp00n, Nova, SSoH, Sly, Danz, & Kootra
Vital statistics
Participants Kootra, Nova, Immortal, Sly, Danz, SSoH and Sp00n
Date July 5, 2013
Location Austin, Texas

RTX 2013

The first Creature Panel was held at RTX, having previously tried beforehand at conventions such as PAX, the Creatures were met with no success.


  • Immortal was announced as a member of the Creatures.
    • Note: The Creatures did not actually announce this during the panel. They jokingly inducted a water bottle into the group. Then rumors spread Aleks had become a Creature, and the others decided he would become a Creature that night at dinner.
  • Astonishingly and to the surprise of many, Sp00n came on stage with the rest of the Creatures and publicly revealed his face for the first time.
  • Creature Carl Plushies were announced during the expo.
  • More Creature shorts were announced.
  • Q&A by the Creatures

Links Playlist

RTX 2014

RTX 2014
RTX 2014
Vital statistics
Participants Nova, Dexter Manning, Seamus, Immortal, Danz & Kootra
Date {{{date}}}
Location {{{location}}}


  • Dexter Manning was added as a new Creature
  • Rapunzel's Nightmare (Seamus' Haircut) 
  • The Creatures Fart Spray Prank on Dex 
  • A Pax 2014 teaser was shown, containing a static filled image of Kevin, hinting at him also being added to the group. 

Links Panel Video


Minecon 2013
Minecon 2013
The Panelists (L to R) Nova, Immortal, Sly, Danz & Kootra
Vital statistics
Participants Kootra, Nova, Sly, Danz and Immortal
Date November 2, 2013
Location Orlando, Florida

Minecon 2013

The Minecon 2013 Creature Panel was announced on the 24-Hour LiveScream.


  • There was a raffle for fans to receive Creature Carl Plushies.
  • A video of Kootra, Nova, Immortal, and Danz destroying TreeTopia was shown (Payback on Sly).
  • Q&A by the Creatures (The Q&A at Minecon was longer due to their time constraint at RTX).


Minecon Day 1 on Twitch


GameVidExpo 2014
GameVid 2014
The panelists (L to R) Immortal, Nova, Kootra, Seamus, Danz & Sly
Vital statistics
Participants Kootra, Nova, Sly, Seamus, Immortal and Danz
Date March 29, 2014
Location Atlanta, Georgia

GameVidExpo 2014


  • A montage of Smite Related moments from the Creature Hub channel.
  • The premiere of their new Smite series The Little Guys.
  • The Bowdrie Brothers joined the guys in the panel, and announced the production of The Chip and Marshal Movie.</span>
  • A Q&A session.


Creaures GameVidExpo 2014 Panel

==Pax East==
Pax East 2014
PAX East 2014
The Panelists (L to R) Sly, Immortal, Nova, Kootra, Seamus & Danz
Vital statistics
Participants Kootra, Danz, Sly, Seamus, Nova and Immortal
Date April 13, 2014
Location Boston, Massachusetts

Pax East 2014

The Creatures announced during Creature Talk that Polaris had hooked them up with a panel for Pax East, marking their first for the event.


  • The premiere of the 2nd episode of TR4PVILLE.
  • RIPWendy was shown in memory of Wendy
  • Spartan Assault Rejected Sponsorship Video
  • Q&A Session

Links THE CREATURES PANEL - PAX East - Polaris

Pax East 2015


  • Dex VS Septar Jr in Smash Bros
  • Five Night's at the Creature Office Premiere
  • Aleks gets the Crown of Thirst

Pax Prime

Pax Prime Panel 2014
Pax pannel 2014
Vital statistics
Participants Dexter Manning, Nova, Immortal, Kevin and Kootra
Date {{{date}}}
Location {{{location}}}

Pax Prime 2014

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