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Real Cops

"Real Cops" shirt design, drawn by Ze

The Creature Store is an online store that sells Creature brand t-shirts. The site was "unveiled" through this video on the Creature Hub YouTube channel and through the Creature's tweets via Twitter. Future merchandise includes Creature Carl plushies.



  • Creature Carl & Creatures T-Shirt
  • The Creatures T-Shirt
  • The Band of Creatures T-Shirt
  • Water Cooler Gang T-Shirt
  • R.I.P. Red Velvet T-Shirt
  • Team Carl T-Shirt
  • Team Coby T-Shirt
  • Commando Carl T-Shirt
  • TR4PVILLE T-Shirt
  • Gary the Indiana Snowman T-Shirt
  • U ____? T-Shirt
  • Profit Lemon T-Shirt
  • Real Cops T-Shirt
  • _________ Is My Favorite Creature
    • Seven versions, one for each Creature plus Water Bottle.
    • Also UK version with "favourite".
  • Marshal T-Shirt
  • RIPWendy T-Shirt
  • Treezus T-Shirt

Artist Joe shirt designsEdit

  • Pallet Man design
  • 1InAMil Design
  • After hours design

Non-clothing itemsEdit

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