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Newest zombi
Name Natalie Casanova
Age 26
Subscribers 97,000+
Creature Connections None
Natalie "TheZombiUnicorn" Casanova, is Sly's ex-girlfriend. They started dating at the end of 2012. She streams regularly on Twitch and is partnered. She made a surprise update about moving to Colorado to be

Zombi's old twitter icon of her and Sly

closer to Sly on her channel on April 11th, 2013. She has moved to California when she and Sly stopped dating, but it is not known when.


Zombi is known for streaming Smite for HiRezChannel, but now streams mostly on her own channel while she still subs on Smitegame occasionally. Sly found Zombi through her streaming on the Smite channel, and they started dating shortly after. Her fanbase grew after their relationship became public; however, she asked that fans only follow her if they like her content.

Her name TheZombiUnicorn came from a funny name changer for "The Regular Show": the first letter of her name, N, was changed to Zombie and C was changed to Unicorn. She recently started a YouTube channel and started a Minecraft series with her friend Katukaz. She also stated that she will have more game series on her channel soon, including Bastion, Amnesia, Don't Starve and more. On August 30 2013, Sly announced that he and Zombi were not dating anymore on Twitter, but, for some reason, deleted the tweet and a few seemingly related previous ones. Zombi responded to this on her tumblr here.

The developers of Windborne game liked Zombi streaming their game for the release so much, they renamed the "Woolys" for her as Woolysnarf. However, suspiciously, before Sly streamed the game later that week, the name "Woolysnarf" was removed from the game in everyone's client except for hers.

Due to a YouTube glitch with Google+, her channel was deleted for a week, and when it came back all 30,000 of her subscribers disappeared. She remade her channel and talked about it in a video.


Zombi's old twitter display picture

Ongoing series

These series are currently ongoing on Zombi's channel:

  • Dork Craft with Katukaz
  • Super Fun Facetime, GO! (vlogs)
  • Awesomenauts
  • Cube World (Alpha)
  • Super Fun SMITE Time with Zombi
  • Windborne (Alpha)
  • Minecraft Minigames
  • Amnesia w/ Zombi


  • On 1/5/14 Zombi had 16k subs and over 1 million views
  • She's currently in college and not only plays games, but is also a journalist and music/film critic.
  • She also impersonates Meatwad.
  • She had a dog named Stella that does tricks like "Where ma money bitch?"

Catchphrases and Quotes

  • "I luff you"
  • "Mow da lawn!"
  • "Sly help the monsters want my milkshake" (whilst fighting monsters with Sly in Minecraft Daily)
  • "Ger ferk yerserf!"
  • "Gimmer kiss"
  • "We're a couple of sniffy snarfs."
  • "Won't you take me to Mineytown!"
  • "Taco Party, Taco Party, Taco Party, Taco Party!"
  • When a song she knows is "relevant", she'll start singing it replacing most of the lyrics with "Chef" or "Cheffy" (What is Love would become What is Chef)
  • "Home is where the snuggles are!"

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