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This page is for the character Steven played by Danz. This is not to be confused with the Creature Ze or YouTube friend SCMowns.

Steven 2
Steven in hell (his part time job).
First Appearance Screwing with FaceRig (2014)
Last/Most recent appearance Screwing with FaceRig (2014)
Created by Danz

Steven is a character played by Danz in the "Screwing with FaceRig" video. 


Steven works in the complaints department for an unknown company and is very eager to receive a promotion. He also has a part time job in Hell. From his voice at the start of the video he seemed harmless, but later on he became angry as he wanted a promotion for his job in the complaints department because he thought his current job there was boring. At the end of the video, he had a message to all the viewers telling them to subscribe.


Screwing with FaceRig

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