Stefani Sarconi was a Creature who worked as their Coordinator. She is 22 years old.


Stefani's first appearance on the main hub channel was in the Road to E3 2015 videos. Behind the scenes, she has created the dress that was used in James' video, and she can be heard in a few episodes of The HUB. She became a regular in Creature content attending movie nights and in hubs. She has started to show up in less and less content due to her college schedule.


  • Creature Talk ep141 [1]
  • Road to E3 2015 [2]
  • The King/The Queen (episodes 5,6,7) [3]
  • Birthday Surprise [4]
  • Denver Aquarium [5]
  • The Hub (various)
  • Creature Talk ep146 [6]



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Carl DanzArtist JoeKootraSpencerAlexStefani Carl

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