For other incarnations of Stank Ass see: Stank Ass (disambiguation)

Stank Ass II was the second cat Nova tamed in his Tri-Mountain Survival series.

Faking his own deathEdit

Stank Ass II disappeared after an Earth Creeper exploded outside of his house. For a long time, it was assumed that Stank Ass was killed by the G-Man until he was found on top of trees in episode 26 of Nova's Tri-Mountain series, proving that he hadn't died after all.

Actual deathEdit

In the same episode as finding Stank Ass II, he was killed by one of the little Cujos outside of Nova's house. Nova hadn't sealed the roof, so Stank Ass fell off it and started chasing Nova in anger. Soon after, one of the Cujos ran after Stank Ass II and killed him.

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