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What Smarty really looks like.
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John 'Smarty' Aprigliano (or TehSmarty) is a friend of the Creatures but mostly with Ze and Chilled. He also does Machinima and playthroughs. He doesn't play with the Creatures that often.

History of a DunceEdit

Smarty is a gamer on YouTube and 'that guy with the glasses' website, that plays many games such as Minecraft. He appeared on an early episode of creature talk. He would later be a founder of The Derp Crew, along with Chilled. He also joined The Bros Angels with Chilled, Gassy, Utorak, and others. He would later bring back The Derp Crew group from hiatus, with some new members, with the third season of the group's Minecraft series, DerpCraft. Besides Ze, he does not play with the creatures. This may be due to his dislike towards the Creatures. However, he has never done much with them to begin with, only appearing on one episode of Creature Talk, his thoughts on the creatures have yet to be confirmed.

Appearances with the CreaturesEdit

  • N+ with Ze, GaLm and Chilled.
  • One Episode of Creature Talk


  • Smarty stated that the reason why he doesn't play with the Creatures often is "That they are fucking assholes".
  • During their Castle Crashers playthrough, Smarty revealed that he had a girlfriend called Mun Mun.
  • While Chilled Chaos was playing Katawa Shoujo, he called Smarty because one of the quotes said Mur Mur.
  • Chilled took this too far and over the course of a week led out into a full on war, dubbed the Troll Warz.
  • He is known for appearing in an early episode of Creature Talk (episode 11 on iTunes) and saying "Straight Up", which led to Pbat and the creatures making fun of him throughout the episode. Also many creatures made fun of Smarty not being a well known YouTuber, saying stuff like "Who the Fuck is Smarty?"
  • He is also Epileptic. Which he states in Chilled's "Pax East 2014! (SIGN MY SHIRT)" at the end.
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