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Serious Time with James was a short segment for Creature Talk that started in episode five of the ITunes series. It featured James, with Gassy, Kootra, and later Danz or Eades originally did Dan's part. It ended when Gassy left the Creatures. However the segment has been referenced on several Creature Talks, and was once attempted with Dan doing Gassy's part.


Note this is not finished.

Episode 5-Edit

Kootra: "Do do do do. Tsht tsht tsht tsh tsh. Do do."

Gassy: "And now, Serious Time, with James" 

James: (diffrent each week)

Episode ?Edit

Kootra: "*Tsht tsht tsht*"

Gassy: "And now, Serious Time, with James".

Dan: "♩Da Doodle la Doo♩"

James: (diffrent each week)

Kootra: "*Tsht tsht tsht*"

Gassy: "This has been, Serious Time, with James"

Dan: "♩Da Doodle la Doo♩"


  • The most famous Serious Time was when Nova punched himself in the nuts, snorted Fun Dip, and then did Serious Time during the first 24 Hour Livestream.
  • Usually he makes fun of something another Creature has said during Serious Time.
  • Since Gassy left the group, Serious Time has since been discontinued.


Serious Time with James00:28

Serious Time with James

The first episode

Serious Time with James 200:31

Serious Time with James 2

The Second episode

Serious Time with James 3 (Redone)00:18

Serious Time with James 3 (Redone)

Serious Time with James 400:25

Serious Time with James 4

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