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Name Adam Montoya
Age 31
Subscribers 5,325,000+
Creature Connections All Creatures

This page is about the YouTuber, for the dog from Fable III see Seananners (dog)

Adam "SeaNanners" Montoya is a famous YouTube commentator that is referenced by the Creatures on more than one occasion. He also met a few Creatures at MineCon. His total subscriber count is over 5 million, making him a very powerful force in the world of Machinima and he is also often seen in the list of top 100 most subscribed channels in YouTube. The current roster for his Minecraft Let's Play is himself, Marc (Juicetra), Anthony (ChilledChaos), and Nick (EatMyDiction).  

History with the CreaturesEdit

Nova named his Dog after SeaNanners in his Fable III playthrough with Sp00n. They called the pink alternate costume of the character Amaterastu SeaNanners.

While he started as a solo commentator, he has slowly evolved into a "Let's Play" Rooster Teeth style model with other YouTube stars.

When SeaNanners revealed that he was doing a big livestream Minecraft session with its creator Notch, where people could attend by making video responses, James, Jordan and Max made a Machinima where their Tree Fortress got burnt down and SeaNanners took them in. James, the publisher of the video, was the only one that got in out of the Creatures which left Jordan (Kootra) and Max (Gassy) upset. However James was in a Skype call with the two, whilst recording the stream, telling them what was going on. SlyFox was also present as he helped build most of the structures however during this time he wasn't part of the Creatures.

"Nanners" is now regarded as common place in gameplay with figures such as Chilled Chaos, Ze, Renee, Gassy, GaLm, Goldy, Vanoss, and EatMyDiction. He is famous for his Trouble in Terrorist Town gameplays with Chilled and his Source Mod gameplay such as The Hidden and Prop Hunt.

Gassy has also been known to do a great SeaNanners impression on various Creature Talks. Most recently, he played a few games with Max. Shortly after, he joined The Bros Angels. In 2013 he became a regular on the FineBrothers' "YouTubers React".

Adam is also a vivid enthusiast over bananas and wine. His best friend is Bruce Wayne. He mainly plays with Sp00n and Ze.


  • He is known to have a "dolphin laugh" and is drawn as a dolphin in animations when he laughs on his channels usually.
  • While in games of GMod, Adam usually hosts the gamemode. He sometimes changes the game from an admin perspective for comedic effect (3 traitors and 1 innocent, he is always the murderer, etc.)
  • Nova named his in-game dog Seananners in Fable 3.

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