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Name Steven Morales
Age 19
Subscribers 341,000+
Creature Connections Immortal, Nova, and Ze

Steven "SCMowns2" is a friend of the Creatures and is mostly recognized for providing and installing Minecraft mods and making sure they run correctly for their Minecraft series. He has participated in Minecraft Daily & Ghostcraft with Sly, Nova, Aleks, and Ze.


Steven's original Minecraft-related YouTube channel, "SCMowns", was abruptly taken down after a third copyright strike in early January 2012 due to "repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement". The channel had around 16,000 subscribers at the time of its deletion.

A new channel, aptly named "SCMowns2", was created, and has now become his main channel. His videos mostly involve showcasing Minecraft mods and tutorials on how to install them. He occasionally uploads Let's Plays, although this is a rare occurrence. The channel has over 340,000 subscribers as of December 2014.

Prior to playing with the Creatures, he was renowned for his modding work on ImmortalHD's Spookycraft series. His involvement would eventually lead to the revival of the John mod, which he re-coded and updated from scratch. He was later introduced to Slyfox, and he became Sly's mod provider for Homiecraft. Steven also created Minecraft "machinima-type" animations for both series (e.g. Spookycraft's Finale & Homiecraft Ep. 100)

He was invited onto Sly's Minecraft Daily series as a guest, but eventually became a prominent member. He was mainly responsible for the installation of mods and integrating them into the series. He acted as the main antagonist of the Pixelmon arc alongside Kevin (TomAnex).

Since his appearance on Sly's channel, he has branched out to other commentators, helping them by compiling modpacks for their Minecraft series. These include: Nova & Kootra ("Asgard Adventures"), iHasCupquake ("Minecraft Oasis, "Cloud 9"), ChimneySwift11 ("Twisted Survival"), SSoHPKC ("Detroitcraft") and TheBajanCanadian & JeromeASF (“Modded Survival Island”).

Steven was working on bringing back his main official Minecraft server, with new additional features. However, he announced that he had discontinued this process. He created Ownage Network, a brand new YouTube network that is still awaiting public release as of November 2013.

Current Series

  • Minecraft Mod Reviews
  • Minecraft Mini-Games
  • Minecraft Daily (w/ Sly and others)
  • Super Minecraft Daily
  • Tales of Porkchop
  • Pixelmon Masters (w/ Sly)


  • Known for his feigned innocence, story-telling and undetectable trolling skills. He uses these characteristics and his knowledge of mods to prank unsuspecting friends in Minecraft. Sly has remarked that he can be loyal and untrustworthy at the same time. Immortal and Sly have resorted to calling him a "F*CKING TROLL!!" usually followed with a "WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS!?!?" or in Immortal's case," STOP BURNING MY HOUSE/ GET OUT OF MY HOUSE STEVEN!"
  • Has been accused of placing Call of Duty soundbytes into Nova and Kootra's Minecraft modpack, although he has denied this. These sounds can be heard during Nova's perspective of The Ex-Communicated Series, Asgard Adventures and Minecraft Daily.
  • Has an older sister who gave birth to a baby boy on 5/25/2013 at 6:44 P.M. The baby was named Noah Steven Ritzi.
  • Has an older cousin who has his own Minecraft channel (Remix10tails) and plays with him frequently.
  • Has a girlfriend named Kristin who he started dating in October 2013
  • Supposed favorite color is "nuke blue".
  • Constantly makes reference to his help forums, which can allegedly solve any problem.
  • He is Half-Mexican, but does not speak Spanish fluently (In one Minecraft Daily Episode, Sly and Steven were briefly conversing in Spanish). He has stated that he can understand Spanish well, but does not really know how to speak it.
  • Is the creator of the Trio Gems mod, which adds in three different types of gems (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald), that can be combined to make stronger materials, that are then used for tools and armor. He updated the mod in May of 2012, adding 6 more ores, gem grenades, and 3 more trio gems.
  • Has taken control of the Mob Talker mod, a mod that adds in the option to talk and communicate with most hostile mobs.
  • Prefers to call his fanbase the 'Wolves', rather than the 'Stevens'
  • Friends with a talking pig, named Porkchop. He is present in many of Steven's mod reviews and video intros. Porkchop enjoys fishing, of all things, and frequently asks Steven to go on fishing trips. Porkchop also has an addiction to trail mix. They have an unsteady relationship, possibly due to Steven's constant abuse of Porkchop.
  • As of November 2012, he is a Machinima Partner.
  • He used to swear until a fan commented to stop swearing
  • He has never swore on videos but only around friends
  • Created a new YouTube Network called "Ownage Network"


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