Robot Donkey Chronicles was a Machinima Sketch Show series on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare created by Kootra. The first episode was uploaded on Sep 6, 2008. During this series the term "Creature" was born.


Name Roles Episode(s)
Kootra Editing, Acting and Filming 1-5
Physco S0ld13r Acting 1-5
Hershmek Acting 1, 3-4
Sgt. Bisking Acting 1, 3, 5
Griffinhawk Acting 2-3
Bassmaster402 Acting 2, 5
Blue Viper23 Acting 2, 4-5
Cpt RJ sniper Acting 2-4
Basshunter Music 2-5
Sk1ll3d S0ld1er Acting 4-5
Jasko Acting 4
Stevie Why Acting 5
FG Ryan Acting 5
FG Bellar Acting 5
Scotchpie Acting 5

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