Papa-rick-s-crispy-chicken-t-shirt design
Papa Rick's Crispy Chicken is a running gag of Danz which has appeared in many series. It Initially appeared in the Minecraft series Hershel's Land.


It all started in Hershel's Land (Nova and Danz's Walking Dead themed series), when Danz started to get an addiction to chicken sex, he started to kill the chickens and branded them Papa Rick's Crispy Chicken (Rick being the character that plays in The Walking Dead). Danz (as Rick) had expected Chandler Riggs (as Carl) to follow the tradition of the Crispy Chicken. Since then it has been a regular thing in his Minecraft gameplays to have that chicken sex addiction. The Crispy Chicken returned in TreeTopia on a much larger scale. It is perhaps infamously known for his pens to have a massive amount of chicken and the structure of the pen have always been the same.


  • He got the chicken sex addiction from Nova's sheep sex addiction, and this would later re-occur in later series such as TreeTopia.

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