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Mrdougan is/was a friend of the Creatures, but mainly Kootra. He has appeared in a episode of Creature Talk, and he has helped with Kootra's Payload Machinima Series.

Series with The CreaturesEdit

Name Date Episode(s) Creatures with Notes
Source Mod Teal'c - Intro Bloopers Nov 19, 2008 7 Kootra
Payload Jul 17, 2009-Jan 24 2010 1-4 KootraSp00nZe Machinima made by Kootra; Dougan helped Faceposting & body/voice acting
Creature Talk 7 Kootra, Nova, Sp00n, Junk, SSoH, Gassy, and Ze


Payload Mrdougan Youtube Channel Call Me Dougan YouTube

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