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Name Mitty
Subscribers 173,000+
Creature Connections Immortal

Mitty "MittyMoxx" is a YouTube commentator. She plays Wifey-Craft with Sly, ImmortalHD and Rachelkip. When she joined, she was ImmortalHD's wife, but, with the insertion of a plot twist, soon became Sly's wife at the end of season 3, but became Immortal's wife again.


She does a variety of different things on her channel, including different DIY's. She also has a pet rabbit named Pixel. She is also a makeup artist and has done a couple of different makeup looks, including a Cheshire cat, for Halloween. She recently started a Beauty, Fashion & DIY channel called "Mr. Mitty". 

Mittymoxx seriesEdit

  • Mitty Craft (has Stopped)
  • Lady Craft (has stopped)
  • Sims 3
  • Cube World (has stopped)
  • Minecraft Enchanted Oasis (With iHasCupquake, LDShadowlady and Vengelfe) (has stopped)
  • WhimsyLux (has stopped)
  • Mod Shocase
  • The Sims 3 (Still Going)


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