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MinecraftWb or Minecraft WorkBench is a family group that makes Minecraft commentaries and tutorials. The family includes Luclin himself the commentator that has done games with many other YouTubers like Captainsparklez but mostly with his wife, MrsLuclin and his son, Lilethan000.


The group was started by a man who goes by Luclin. He started it by making Minecraft tutorials and then making family LPs. The group consists of Luclin, his son, wife, and some other miscellaneous people from their server. This group and the Creatures have made videos together, specifically Seamus and Slyfox. He had taken up a job designing video game simulators for the military in San Antonio, Texas. He left YouTube as a full time job but still considered it a hobby. As of May 18th, 2013, Luclin returned to YouTube stating he had been laid off from his job.

Main GamesEdit

  • Minecraft
  • Ruffled Feathers Rising (A game developed by Luclin)


  • Lil' Ethan had a brother named Devin who passed away at age 1 due to bronchial pneumonia 12 days before his 2nd birthday.
  • Luclin now has a better job and does YouTube for 'fun'
  • Luclin Has appeared on an episode Creature Talk

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