Meow sim
Meow Meowfisusovus 
is Kootra's character in the Sims 4. Meow is based on Kootra, he has a similar face and hat to that of Kootra's. However, Kootra stated that he is the opposite when it came to personality. He is active, geeky and a loner.


Meow started his life by buying a plot of land to build his house. Despite being a loner he seemed to make friends very easily and became friends with Jeff and Summer. Meow then attemted to cook which didn't go very well because he was tense, this led to a fire. He ran to safety however he didn't do anything else so his house, that he worked hard on, was ruined. He eventually got into the house and put out the fire (but almost killing himself in the process).

The next time we see Meow is almost a year later when he goes on vacation.



  • Jeff Lake
  • Summer Holiday

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