is/was a friend of the Creatures. He would normally do things with Junkyard but they had been joined by Kootra and Chilled.


KenBurton started his YouTube channel on Nov 17, 2009. He became well known as the KenBurton Show, on Mar 1, 2010 Junkyard became a co-host on his podcast, they where also joined by Kootra and Chilled. KenBurton started doing more with Junkyard due to popular demand, and eventually became a guest on episode 11 of Creature Talk. Soon after that he had very little interactions with the Creatures.

Series with the CreaturesEdit

Name Date Episode(s) Creatures with Notes
Ken Burton & Junkyard129 Podcast Mar 1, 2010 1 JunkyardKootra, and Chilled Uploaded to his website
The Ken Burton Show Apr 2, 2010 55 Junkyard Uploaded to Machinima
Creature Talk 11


Ken Burton & Junkyard129 Podcast 01/03/2010 (HD) The Ken Burton Show Part 55: Ken vs Junkyard #1 (MW2 Gameplay/Commentary) [HD

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