Jesus' Cage

Nova & Seamus with Jesus' cage

Jesus (pronounced "hey-zeus") was a bunny in Nova's and Seamus' playthrough of Terraria 1.1.


Originally found and named by Nova in episode 3, he tried to feed it acorns and bring it back to his home. Eventually, Nova managed to trap Jesus, which caused him to have a minor seizure much to Nova's and Seamus' amusement. They both defended Jesus' cage through the night, only to have him escape his cage a short while after. Jesus left them to be with a female bunny. Jesus and his female bunny were soon murdered by Nova in his rage.

Jesus 2Edit

Nova soon captured another bunny, who he named Jesus 2. The next morning, Nova and Seamus went underground, leaving Jesus 2. It is unknown if he died like his predecessor or successfully escaped from captivity.

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