In 30 Seconds is a series on Immortal's channel that shows gameplay/events in 30 seconds.


The series started in November, 2011 with QWOP.
QWOP In 30 Seconds00:35

QWOP In 30 Seconds


  1. QWOP
  2. Girp
  3. Sumotori
  4. Happy Wheels
  5. Trials HD
  6. Enviro-Bear
  7. Dora The Explorer
  8. Minecon
  9. Rainbow Unicorn Attack
  10. I Want To Be The Guy
  11. World's Hardest Game
  12. World Of Warcraft
  13. FFFUUU
  14. Counter-Strike
  15. Counter-Strike: Source
  16. Jumping Box 2
  17. Modern Warfare 3
  18. Dark Souls
  19. League of Legends
  20. Titanfall


  • Most of the series has been set to private for unknown reasons.


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