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Ihascupquake o
Name Tiffany Michelle Herrera
Age 26
Subscribers 1,675,000+
Creature Connections Immortal

Tiffany "iHasCupquake" Herrera is a friend of the Creatures. She records various Minecraft videos with the Creatures and used to make videos for Machinama Realm. She also has a second vlog channel called Tiffyquake.


  • She used to have her own Series on MachinimaRealm called The Art of Gaming.
  • She has her own wiki called iHasCupquake Wiki.
  • She has 1,000,000+ subscribers
  • She has 2 cats named Link and Navi
  • Cupquake is good friends with ImmortalHD
  • Cupquake actually played with ImmortalHD in this video
    • She has also interviewed him in The Art Of Gaming.


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