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Husky's Youtube Avatar
Some attributes
First Born:
December 21, 1992
Second age: 21
Third Lives: Edmonton, Canada
Other attributes
Fourth Subscribers: 929,256+
Fifth Creature connections:
Sly, Sp00n, SSoH, and Ze

Quentin 'Husky' (or HuskyMUDKIPZ) is a friend of the Creatures. He gets the name MUDKIPZ from a Pokémon (as seen in his picture). He plays with mostly Seamus, but has also played with Sly and Ze. He is mainly famous for his Minecraft Let's Plays and Minecraft: the Movie 7, 8, and 9.

Games with the creaturesEdit


  • His motto is "Hit that like button with that little kipper flipper!"
  • He is also friends with ImmortalHD, TiffanyChilled, Skydoesminecraft, Gassy, Setosorcerer, Deadlox and more.
  • He enjoys playing adventure maps

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