George the Training Dummy

George is a training dummy summoned by Nova in Asgard Adventures Ep. 26. Described as the guardian of their homestead, he is a stoic protector of justice. There has been speculation over his intentions, as he can withstand attacks from Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor, and fiery blasts from Loki's staff; but no one can doubt his skill and dedication. He has proven to be an irreplaceable asset to the community. Up to now, both Nova & Kootra have forgotten his name and keep calling him Edwardo. George now has a life of guarding the gate that leads to the rainbow bridge with his fellow brother.


While a relatively quiet and unassuming being, he strikes fear into the hearts of all nearby wildlife.  He spends his days gazing at the creatures he so frightens, longing to one day be welcomed as one of their own. No one has ever heard him speak, but some swear they have heard whistling coming from the mountain top on cold nights.


Not much is known about George's childhood or upbringing, but he is in fact a relative of Ze, being his cousin. George may be of Midgardian descent.

Conspiracy Edit

Coincidentally, the same day George was summoned to provide his services, Nova's audio problems returned to plague not only him, but Kootra as well.  

George has been referred to as Geroge, José, Esteban and Jenwheaté, which makes one question what dark secrets lurk in his past and how many lives he had to leave behind.

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