Four Walls
Channels Creature Hub
Series Start May 30, 2014
Series End June 6, 2014
Participants Nova
No. of Episodes 4
No. of Sessions 1

Four Walls - Minecraft: Old School Creatures (name TBD), was a series based on "The Walls" survival PvP map. The premise of the map is that four people are placed in their own quadrant of the square shaped land mass, blocked off from each other by giant walls of sand for fifteen minutes or more. In that time the players are to gather as much resources and equipment they can, because when the time runs out, the walls of sand begin to fall, starting the PvP free-for-all.


First Match: Nova

Second Match: Kootra


Four Walls Pt1 - Minecraft: Old School Creatures

Four Walls Pt2 - Minecraft:Old School Creatures

Four Walls Pt3 - Minecraft Old School Creatures

Four Walls Pt4 - Minecraft Old School Creatures


  • Given the name, Minecraft: Old School Creatures, and other factors, it would seem that this video was made a while ago, but only recently uploaded. Judging by their skins it was recorded in 2012 in the first Creature house.
  • The outro song is "House" by Owerwerk featuring Nick Nikon. This song is also featured on Nova's video "1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS" and Lost Video "Nova Gets A Bouncy Castle".

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