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Eddie Murphy is a donkey tamed by Sly and Nova in the Ex-Communicated Series. He is named after the famous comedian and actor, known for playing Donkey in the Shrek movie saga.
Eddie murphy
when taimed
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Once tamed, Sly and Nova went away to leave him with Seamus. Of course, Seamus is well known for killing horses in Ex-Com, and would do the same to Eddie. He pushed him in a cave and killed him (it could be something to do with Sly /tping him back from a cave). Sly later went into the cave (not knowing what happen) and he was greeted with the ghost of Eddie. No one knew that he was dead apart from Seamus' subscribers who later told Sly and Nova. Eddie was reborn in Minecraft Daily, where yet again he was left behind. Sly and Steven found him in episode 108 of Minecraft Daily.

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