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Name Nick Mead
Age 27
Subscribers 685,000+
Creature Connections Seamus, Sp00nerism, and Ze

Nick "Diction" or "EatMyDiction1" Mead is a YouTube gamer and friend of The Creatures. He is best friends with Ex-Creature Gassy Mexican, but is still friends with the Creatures, mainly Seamus and Sp00n.


  • Diction has drunken streams, usually with Gassy Mexican and/or Renée, Called "Fucked-up Fridays"
  • Diction has a well received series on Machinima about the story of a man's quest in Dead Island.
  • Diction also has a very well received series on Machinima called "Diction's War School," in which he insults and threatens people in the name of war.
  • Diction tends to make videos where he writes a letter to a Creature and "complains". He started out this idea because of Seamus' trend of killing bears in his Skyrim series. He named it "Dear Seamus."
  • He was a member of The Derp Crew and The Bros Angels. Two gaming groups he helped found with Ex- Creatures Chilled and Gassy.
  • Chilled and Diction were playing Just Cause 2 the same time as Nova and Sp00n. Chilled and Diction got a jet and hit Sp00n with it. Sp00n also pointed out he saw Diction, but he knew they didn't know who he was because of their names. They also later attempted to steal a sports car from Nova while he tried to drive to the airport.
  • Diction now explains why he hates Call of Duty
  • Diction doesn't like it when other people:
    • Abuse bears.
    • Make Inception or Family Guy jokes.
  • Diction also stars in a web series called "The Friend Zone".
  • Diction has stated that he hates the word "bitch" Diction hates the band "Smash Mouth" as of his "25 Hour Extra-Life Charity Stream 2013"
  • Diction also likes eating sausage on the toilet as he describes in an episode of Prop Hunt

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