Quotes and Catchphrases

  • "Suns coming up"
  • "AMERICAAA!!" 
  • "Damn straight."
  • "Oh Scheiße."("shit" in German)
  • "You think you love her but you DON'T." (imitating Rick of "The Walking Dead")
  • "Hey guys what's goin' on, DanzNewz here."
  • "You can quote me on that."
  • "I don't follow ________ news!"
  • "Heh, hey guys, Kootra here!" (mocking Kootra)
  • "Tastes like justice." (said usually as BatDanz)
  • "It's frieeendshiiiip." (mainly sung in GTA multiplayer with Seamus)
  • "Papa Rick's Crispy Chicken."
  • "Cheese it!"
  • "Hi, I'm Dan" (usually said when he messes up)
  • "Oh EFF."
  • "Well, well, well, I like your _______. Would you like to use your ______ for your country?" (imitating Nick Fury)
  • "It's time to start havin' sex!"
  • "Sexcellent."
  • "Cause Stone Cold said so." (imitating Stone Cold Steve Austin)
  • "John Laurinaitis ______________." (imitating John Laurinaitis speaking in third-person)
  • "What a badass!"
  • "I just had sex!" (imitating Niko Bellic)
  • "CHET CHUMPLY!" (said while playing Borderlands)
  • "Ya scared assho'?!?" (imitating Joe from Mafia II)
  • "Heheh I'm Jimmy! Achachacha..." (imitating Jimmy from Mafia II)
  • "Wonking out over here!" (used normally when Encountering game glitches)
  • Get your ____ Here!
  • Welcome to Dex Pranks!

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