Creature Minecraft Server Beta Announcement!02:24

Creature Minecraft Server Beta Announcement!


On December 7 2013, The Creatures launched their very own Creature Minecraft Server

The Creatures had originally launched a minecraft server called The Creature Server. That server was created by Ze but it was later taken down.

Their IP used to be: however the server was shutdown and the IP now redirects to a different Minecraft server.

Server Shop

These were the purchasable items and ranks that could be used in-game and/or to gain special perks.

Membership Ranks

  • Coby Rank - "Play in the Creatures Minecraft Server and Earn EXP!"
  • Bronze Subscription -monthly subscription
  • 1 month Bronze -Gain the perks of a bronze membership for one (1) months time.
  • 3 month Bronze -Gain the perks of a bronze membership for three (3) months time.
  • Silver Subscription -monthly subscription
  • 1 month Silver Gain the perks of a silver membership for one (1) months time.
  • 3 month Silver Gain the perks of a silver membership for three (3) months time.

In-game items

  • Chicken Spawner
  • Cow Spawner
  • Pig Spawner
  • Spider Spawner
  • Cave Spider Spawner
  • Skeleton Spawner
  • Zombie Spawner
  • Creeper Spawner
  • Enderman Spawner
  • Diamonds x8, x32, x64
  • Ender Pearls x64
  • Golden Apples x10
  • TNT x64
  • Raid/TNT kit
  • Enchantment kit
  • Experience Levels x30, x150, x500
  • McMMO Credits x100, x200, x500
  • In-game cash $10,000 or $20,000 or $50,000

Attributes/Added Stuff

The list of things the Creatures had added to the server are:

  • VIP Area
  • 6 Survival Maps with over 15 servers
  • Survival Build Maps
  • Premium Membership with benefits


  • The Creatures have done multiple livestreams on the server, as well as a Creature Hub series called Creature Factions
  • Kootra and James have recently had an Asgard Captain Ameica special on the server as well.
  • Sly was originally in charge of mantaining the server, but due to his retirement has given the responsibility to one of the other Creatures.
  • Some of the Creatures have started a Skyblocks series on the server.

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