The hashtag (or #) is a social sharing feature of many web communities. It is also used as a running gag within the context of The Creatures. Hashtags are used before a word or phrase. The hashtag is mostly used on Twitter. The Creatures use the hashtag to make fun of things or to stress on something. The hashtag was not something created by the Creatures. Hashtags are mostly used by NovaImmortalKootraDan and Seamus (sometimes).

Ongoing HashtagsEdit

Deadliest WarriorEdit

  1. TogetherKnights


  1. ForTheGroup
  2. 2spooky4me
  3. GetAmpted
  4. TheStruggleIsReal
  5. Level11

24 Hour LivescreamEdit

  1. LiveScream (Stream)
  2. WendyCam (Stream)
  3. 4TheKids (Stream)
  4. RememberTheTimes (Stream)
  5. BunnyGruff (Stream)

Creature TalkEdit

  1. TheHypeIsReal
  2. ScumbagKoots
  3. planters
  4. YearOfLuigi
  5. Novatendo
  6. SuckOnThePink
  7. Lollys4Life


  1. SavePluto
  2. SAIL
  3. NeverForget13
  4. planters
  5. NoFilterNoMakeup
  6. respectafrica
  7. Kootra/JordansSacrifice
  8. Scumbag ________
  9. Oscar
  10. Shots Fired
  11. Hype
  12. RIP ______ 
  13. YoloSwag
  14. ______ Is Real
  15. Calculated 
  16.  ForTheGroup
  17.  Aleks'Sacrifice

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