This page is a compilation of words and phrases the Creatures make up, use wrong, or outright butcher the meaning of.

Please cite/source Creature definitions of words and phrases by linking videos/podcast.

Words AlphabeticallyEdit

Brown - verb, adjective. Unknown what the meaning or when inception of the word came to be, but it is used to cover up Copyright and/or swear words, or as insult. In reality it's just a color. [needs citation]

Detroit - adjective.

Fireknight - noun. [needs citation]

MLG - adjective. When a person pulls off a feat in a video game with exceptional skill, usually not repeatable, or just outright luck, one may say that it was so "MLG." In reality it stands for "Major League Gaming," a competitive gaming organization. [needs citation]

Nobs noun. Immortal uses it as his subscriber-base name. In Europe it is used to mean penis. [needs citation]


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