Creature Corner was a special series made and used by Seamus, each episode/part was about 50 minutes, with the exception of Creature Corner - Star Wars The Old Republic w/ Ze Part 6 - The Mega Special  and features only the Creatures (at that time), on a variety of games. Seamus originally made it because his fans wanted him to do more with the Creatures, therefore calling it the Creature Corner.


Creature Corner originally started on December 23, 2011 and was put on a hiatus. The series is now defunct. This is because Seamus joined the creatures, and normally produces videos with other fellow members of the Creatures now, and no longer needs a whole series devoted to it.


(This list features the first episode/part of each game)

Minecraft - Treehouse Return with Nova and Kootra Part 1

Killing Floor with Gassy and Danz Episode 1

Star Wars The Old Republic w/ Ze Part 1

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