Creature Carl for King!

Creature Carl in all his glory.

Creature Carl is the "mascot" for the Creatures. Kootra said that "He is THE Creature, and is classified as a sloth/rabbit thing with a big bushy tail."

King of The Web

Creature Carl competed in the King of Web Competition, a competition where the person with the most votes gets a prize of $7,500. The Creatures planned to put the money they would win towards getting a better server, going to events and helping to start up their company.

As of the December 1st, 2011, Creature Carl was named King of the Web with an amazing 850,000+ votes.



The original Creature Carl drawing.

  • Kootra frequently uses the original Creature Carl drawing as his picture. Some think that this is his character icon, which it is not.
  • Creature Carl has his own plush toy. During their first panel during RTX 2013, the plush toy was revealed, though Nova stated it was still a prototype and getting ready to be mass produced. As of January 14th, 2014 there are 495 Creature Carl Plushies available on the website. They have all since been sold out.
  • During their Minecon panel, the Creatures held a raffle for the attendees who went to their panel on that day, and a select few lucky winners went home with a Creature Carl plushie.
  • In an episode of Creature Talk, it was confirmed that Creature Carl was a boy.
  • James drew the first picture of Creature Carl, based on Kootra's ideas.

Campaign Videos

BatDanz and Creature Carl01:04

BatDanz and Creature Carl

BatDanz and Creature Carl

Gumby Dances For Creature Carl01:23

Gumby Dances For Creature Carl

Gumby Dances For Creature Carl

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