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Titlecard for the first episode

CreatureCraft (also known as Vanilla Adventures, MLG Legit Minecraft Adventure, or Pure Legit Minecraft on other Creature channels) was a series created by Kootra, Gassy Mexican, Danz, Chilled and Ze on Minecraft.


The fans of the Creatures wanted a video where all the Creatures play a game in Minecraft multiplayer as a group. However, only Kootra, Gassy, Danz, Chilled, and Ze were available at the time (though this may be untrue, see The Ex-Communicated Series). Surprisingly, it was less popular than The Ex-Communicated.


  • This series spawned The Ex-Communicated Series which was the response of Nova, Seamus and Sly being left out of CreatureCraft.
  • The Creatures all made their own names instead of one. Although Gassy didn't due to him being on a laptop and not being able to record.
  • Ironically, almost half of the Creatures involved in the series are no longer members of the group.

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