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Copyright is one of the creatures most well known running gags. It is said by almost every Creature, but mostly Nova.


Screengrab from Nova's FAKE STRIKE
Due to Youtube policies, certain songs, sayings or titles cannot be shown or said on a video. When a Creature does something close to this (example: A Creature starts singing 'Can't touch this', and another Creature would say "Copyright!"). This is because none of the Creatures want a copyright strike that would either delete the video or remove their channel.


The "Copyright" joke started after Nova had some of his videos removed for copyright, which he joked about once in Creature Talk.


  • To avoid copyright, the creatures used Brown instead of certain lyrics when singing. An example; instead of a Creature singing "U Can't Touch This" which is copyrighted by MC Hammer, they could sing "U Can't Brown This." the un-copyrighted version.
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