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Clash Minecraft Avatar
Name James Donald Martinez
Age 21
Subscribers 216,000+
Creature Connections SSoHPKC, and Sp00n

James/Jimmy "ClashJTM" Martinez is a commentator and a friend of the Creatures, but only plays with Seamus and Sp00n as of yet. His commenting style somewhat resembles Seamus' commenting style, featuring mainly sarcastic humor. He has met some of the Creatures at Minecon 2011. He was also a former member of The Outsiders, just like Chimney and Mr360Games. He likes Narnia (but doesn't really know much about it) and finishes most of his videos with an outro he made a while back or the phrase: "Go Pride Go." He had moved out to Colorado from California and shared an apartment with Seamus and AshhBearr, but moved back home for personal reasons.

Currently Ongoing Game(s)Edit

Life is Strange


  • He has a cat named Sandy (who "fucks up" his rug) and he used to have a dog named Tide but he had to be put down some time before he got his current dog, Cloud.
  • On April Fools 2013, Clash made a video saying that Cloud had to be returned to his breeder because he moved to an apartment where he could not properly care for Cloud. This was later revealed as an April Fools Joke, and he still owns Cloud.
  • He can play the guitar and the bass. He performed Dammit by Blink 182 for Sly as a birthday greeting in this video: Happy Birthday SlyFox!.
  • Clash has said during a livestream that he had been watching Seamus for a long time and Seamus was his inspiration to make videos.
  • His real name is James, but he is commonly referred to as Jimmy by his friends and family, as he confirmed on a Q&A video.
  • His account name ClashJTM is actually a combination of the band's name The Clash and the guitar amplifier Marshall JTM 45 as he explained in DumbCraft Season 2 episode 3.


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