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is a running game/term used by the Creatures for multiple reasons.


Brown is just a word that can replace anything.

  • "What the hell?" would be "What the brown?"
  • "I am so fucking mad right now." would become "I am so browning brown right now".


While playing games, the Creatures (mostly Sp00n), frequently used the popular and overused internet meme "U mad?". The Creatures then started saying "U(word)", like "Utree?". Then Sp00n said "Ubrown?" and the rest is history.

Current UsageEdit

The term is not used by the creatures anymore, only refrenced every once and a while. Kootra mentioned in a Q&A that the word had been sort of overused. He thought that it started to get kind of annoying.


  • People have thought that 'brown' is a racial slur, but it is confirmed that it isn't.
  • "What the brown?" has been said by every Creature
  • The Creatures sometimes replace the words or parts of a song with "brown" to avoid copyright infringment, which is a running joke with the Creatures.
  • In the original treehouse Kootra made the brown house.
  • In TreeTopia, the Creatures have said "What can brown do for you?"
    • Ironically in later Treetopia Kootra had to find brown wool to make a statue of Creature Carl.
  • In Creature office tour Kootra wrote on Seamus' whiteboard "U Brown?".

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