Auntie Jill was a character on the Creatures' 24 Hour Livestream. She was a popular character that Seamus stood up for, as a joke.


During the tired part of the stream, Gassy, Ze, Kootra, Lyle, Danz and Renée were playing a custom Halo 3 game. Everybody thought that Seamus fell asleep and didn't turn off Skype, but then a mysterious female voice was heard, yelling at a supposed dog and punishing it for getting white stuff all over the place. Seamus then returned later and said that he was watching some weird pornos.

The Creatures' 24 Hour Livestream - Seamus & Auntie Jill10:49

The Creatures' 24 Hour Livestream - Seamus & Auntie Jill

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