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Some attributes
First Real Name: Ashley Patching
Second Born:
Third Lives: Colorado
Other attributes
Fourth Creature connection: Seamus

Ashley 'AshhBearr' Patching is a friend of the Creatures and mostly plays with Seamus and sometimes Diction. She is also Seamus' girlfriend. 


She has been seen in a video on TheCreatureHub YouTube channel of James at PAX East. She has also appeared in Creature Talk around the 1:20:40 mark in this video. She moved out and lived in an apartment by herself near the Creature house before moving in with Seamus in another apartment. 

Seamus and Ash @ PAX East 2012 (Nova's Adventures)

As of 11/11/2013, AshhBearr was now part of COGxx, COGnitive Gaming's all-female Smite competitive team. The announcement was made in this thread. AshhBearr is noted as playing the support role on the team.  However, by February 2014 she quit.

Current Games


  • She likes bears, but not as much as Diction, and she prefers cats.
  • Ashley's favorite Pokemon is Vaporeon.
  • Ashley has arachnophobia and acrophobia.
  • Ashley's favorite game is Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest.
  • Diction and Seamus referred to her as 'AssBear' in the Top Ramen Minecraft map. This was started when Diction would misspell her name as "AssBear" when having to teleport.
  • She dislikes Princess Peach and Goombella too as quoted in her tags "Princess Peach Sucks and Expects Us to Do Everything For Her...Goombella sucks too cause she fugly."
  • Ashley has been dating SSoHPKC since February 4th 2012.
  • Seamus constantly teases her about being James' sister, but this was a running joke amongst some of the Creatures as stated in this video in response.
  • She has a cat named Kit-Kat.


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