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Some attributes
First Real Name: Taylor Harris
Second Age: 23
Third Subscribers: 2,000,000+
Other attributes
Fourth Nicknames: Ant, HankVenom, Hank, louispadallia11, TaylorVenom, The Most Evil of All Minecrafters, The Assassin, The Kingslayer, The Knight
Fifth Creature connection: Sly

Taylor "AntVenom" is a YouTuber, he is a friend of the Creatures but mainly Sly.


He began his videomaking career with a group of videomakers in a Tony Hawk game. Later, he took up videomaking as serious career in the game RuneScape with the account name of Ant1Venom when the game's popularity was at its peak. He even gained a Machinima partnership for his videos. When Jagex created the game's first videomaking contests, AntVenom created an entry video, which fell just short of the top five finalists.

Shortly before the game's community began to decline, he began playing Minecraft and began making Minecraft videos early in the game's Beta stage. His Minecraft career was inspired by Notch retweeting one of his posts on Twitter.

AntVenom became an avid Minecraft player and videomaker, creating daily videos, which gradually increased in popularity. He often played with CavemanFilms, Skitscape, SkyDoesMinecraft,and Setosorcerer, who also used to play RuneScape. He continued his MachinimaRealm partnership through Minecraft, his main series being Hunt for the Golden Apple, which eventually spanned 7 seasons.

AntVenom participated in the First Machinima Minecraft Hunger Games, which was his first video with the Creatures. He won the Games, and continued to win the Second Games (where he single-handedly took down SlyFoxHound, Seamus, and ImmortalHD's team) and Third Games, and hosted the Fourth Games as well as winning the Bonus Round in it.

AntVenom's first non-Survival Games video with the Creatures was the DreamScape custom map with Sly. They revealed themselves to be close friends, and Sly was shown to make Ant swear frequently, which he normally did not do. They later played the sequel to the map, DreamScape 2.

Following the conclusion of his One-Life Achiever series, Ant now focuses on multiplayer mini-game videos with a wide variety of friends, rather than single-player series or videos with only a select group.

Series with the CreaturesEdit

Series Creature with
Dreamscape 1 Sly
Dreamscape 2 Sly

AntVenom has participated in the official Survival Games with the Creatures, although they did not record together.

Current Ongoing SeriesEdit

These are the series currently being uploaded on AntVenom's channel:

  • Minecraft: Mod Review
  • Minecraft: Seed Showcase
  • Minecraft: Mad Pack
  • Minecraft: Mini-Games
  • Minecraft: The Aether Mod Adventure (On Hiatus)
  • Minecraft: Survival Challenges


  • AntVenom's first name was "Protocol" from the Tony Hawk series he did with his friend. When he tried to sign up a name for Battlefield 2 he knew that friends name was Poison. He tried trolling him by using the name Anti-poison, but it was already taken. He then made a alternative called Ant1Venom. He found himself using the name "AntVenom" instead. So when he signed up his XBL account he called it "Ant Venom" and he uses that name on his channel "AntVenom".
  • He has won the Minecraft Hunger Games three consecutive times and was subsequently banned from the fourth Hunger Games. He hosted the Fourth Hunger Games, however, and won the bonus round.
  • AntVenom has killed three Creatures in Survival Games (Immortal,Sly and Seamus). He also killed Sly twice, both in the first and second games.
  • AntVenom has the highest killcount in the Survival Games: 5 kills in the First, 7 in the Second, and 2 in the Third, for a total of 14 kills out of 41 total competitors. More than a quarter of all deaths were by AntVenom's hand.
  • He had 3 other channels on YouTube called: ptch0t protothps and Ant1Venom
  • AntVenom possesses an extreme hatred for cows in Minecraft, often killing them whenever he has the chance. This is because their loud moos can often disrupt recordings..
  • During the NoxCrew Gameshow, Ant's team with SkitScape and CavemanFilms was called the Ninjas in Lemon Trousers. They also used this name for their team in the Third Survival Games, whom ImmortalHD referred to as "The Gang Green Gang" from PowerPuff Girls.
  • He ocasionally does videos called "How Real Men (insert name of Minecraft-related process or action)", where he demonstrates an otherwise tedious or difficult action with relative ease, while speaking in an awkwardly dramatic voice.
  • He often refers to gold as "butter", due to his friend SkyDoesMinecraft refusing to call it by its actual name. This is most often seen when he calls golden boots "butter boots." He also calls gold ingots "cheese."
  • Due to his many years of experience, AntVenom is very knowledgeable about the technical aspects of Minecraft, a trait not shared by most of the Creatures and their friends.
  • Due to the popularity of his series "Hunt For the Golden Apple", when he plays a custom map with another player, when the other player finds a Golden Apple, they often give it to him or brag about their discovery.
  • He is known as the Parkour King as he often completes parkour jumps of extreme technical difficulty with ease while others will just fail and fall.
  • He has killed Sly's entire 3-man team in the Survival Games.


  • "Hey guys, AntVenom here, and welcome back to another Minecraft video!" (Introduction)
  • "Let's go ahead and let's heal ourselves up here." (When eating food)
  • "I think I'm gonna go ahead and end off this video here, guys."
  • "Anyways guys, I hope you all have enjoyed this video. My name is AntVenom, and I bid you all farewell. Thanks so much for watching." (Outro)
  • "Lagfest."
  • "And moving on here"
  • "So Yeah!"
  • "I HATE COWS!"
  • "Hey Ant, Guyvenom here, and Minecraft back to another welcome video." (Scrambled version of Introduction)
  • "This is how Real Men _______!"
  • "Die, Skele-butt!" (Killing a Skeleton)
  • "Oh nooo!"
  • "We're good to go."
  • "Gimme that."
  • "Okay, so we need to get out of here."
  • "ENDERBUTT!" (Referring to an Enderman)
  • "SKELEBUTT!" (Referring to a Skeleton)
  • "JEE-ZUS!" (After being shocked or startled)
  • "Wolfie!" (Referring to a Wolf)
  • "Pampkins!" (Referring to Pumpkins)
  • "Let's just do a little bit of this."
  • "What you gonna do about it, HATERS?"
  • "What you gonna do in a PVP Battle, you gonna arrest me?"
  • "Comin' back to the scene of the crime." (Before engaging Sly, Seamus, and Immortal in the Second Survival Games)
  • "Oh My God." (Seeing Sly's 3-man team)
  • "Okay. You wanna go? You wanna go?" (While fighting Sly, Seamus, and Immortal)
  • "Nope. No you don't." (While being heavily damaged)
  • "No you don't." (when being damaged)
  • "You wanna go?" (Challenging a player)
  • "HIT ME!" (Challenging a hostile mob)
  • "Come at me BRO! (Taunting a hostile mob or player)
  • "Come at me Immortal." (When killing ImmortalHD)
  • "Yeah, they're running away." (After killing ImmortalHD and splitting up Sly and Seamus in the Second Survival Games)
  • "Here comes the team that's decked. Here to wreck all*t." (Third Survival Games)
  • "Captain Crunch and his buddy Orange Juice." (Referring to CaptainSparklez and Juicetra in the Third Survival Games)
  • "CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP!" (when surrounded)


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