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Minecraft Solo Air Canada Down Survival - Burned Out w Nova Ep15:33

Minecraft Solo Air Canada Down Survival - Burned Out w Nova Ep.19 (Singleplayer Survival)

First episode

Air Canada Down was a single-player Minecraft series by Nova.


Nova wanted to do a survival map, and this one interested him. The map casted him as a pilot who crashed on an island. Since he arrived on a plane, he decided that he would exit on the plane. When he got to the island, he lived in a cave. Knowing that there were no ores made on the map, he had to dig far down. He had many pets on his adventure, including a chick, piglets and a hamster. Even though this series is its own thing, Nova added it to his solo Minecraft playlist, so the series technically started at episode 19. He finished the series after 17 episodes.


  1. Burned Out
  2. Baby Animals
  3. Killed Yo Baby
  4. Get Jumped
  5. Roof Build
  6. The Plan
  7. Return
  8. Return
  9. Re-Return
  10. The Handler
  11. Assemble
  12. Flap Flap
  13. Werewolf ATTACK
  16. CAVEOGRE Encounter

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